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Almaty Layover Tour

Get to know about city and historic places of Central Asia. Visit places such as Green Bazzar, Zenkov Cathedral Church, Square of Republic, Central Museum and take a ride to Kok Tobe.
Embarking on a city tour of Almaty is a captivating journey through the history and cultural tapestry of Central Asia. The Green Bazaar, with its lively ambiance and vibrant stalls, introduces visitors to the local way of life, offering a sensory experience of the region’s diverse flavors and traditions.

Taste of Almaty

Known to locals as the “heart of Kazakhstan”, Almaty is the city’s original foodie neighborhood. My guided 4-hour walking food tour lets you experience Almaty like a local, in an authentic neighborhood where people live, eat and shop. You’ll get to escape the crowds and really get a glimpse of daily life while tasting the best of what the city has to offer.

Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon is often compared to the Grand Canyon in the United States. Although it’s much smaller, it’s equally impressive. The canyon is located 200 kilometers (124 mi) away from the city of Almaty. The landscape of the area is constantly changing due to weathering and erosion
Nestled in the heart of Kazakhstan, the Charyn Canyon stands as a geological masterpiece, offering an awe-inspiring destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Kolsai and Kaindy lakes

Visit the most famous places of Almaty region – Kolsai and Kaindy Lakes. You will also take a look at a very quiet place with landscapes of unearthly beauty – Yellow (Moon) Canyon. The itinerary is designed so that you can enjoy the views at the best time of the day with the best lighting conditions. Our tour guide will show you the best photo spots and tell you interesting information about the sights.

Medeu and Shymbulak

Almaty is rich for different city attractions like historical and cultural objects, museums and parks. When starting to explore Almaty, it is absolutely worth to visit the “must-see” natural attraction in the vicinity of the city – Medeu and Shymbulak 

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