Tour to issyk lake and turgen waterfall


A tour to Issyk Lake and Turgen Waterfall from Almaty offers a memorable day exploring some of Kazakhstan’s natural beauties.

Tour Overview:

  1. Issyk Lake: Located approximately 75 kilometers east of Almaty, Issyk Lake is set in the picturesque Issyk Gorge. The lake sits at an altitude of 1750 meters and is surrounded by steep cliffs, often referred to as the «Kremlin Wall.» The area is rich in history, including the tale of the Golden Man, an ancient Scythian warrior whose burial site is nearby.

  2. Turgen Waterfall: After visiting Issyk Lake, the tour continues to Turgen Gorge, about 35 kilometers away. Turgen Gorge is known for its stunning scenery and several waterfalls, the most famous being Bear Waterfall (Medvezhye Waterfall), which drops 30 meters into the gorge.

Typical Itinerary:

  • Morning: Departure from Almaty, with a drive through the scenic Issyk Canyon. Stops may include the Golden Man Museum and the historic burial mounds.
  • Midday: Arrival at Issyk Lake, with time to walk around, take photos, and enjoy the natural beauty. This is often followed by a picnic lunch.
  • Afternoon: Travel to Turgen Gorge, where you can hike to Bear Waterfall and enjoy the lush, forested environment.
  • Evening: Return to Almaty.

Tour Details:

  • Duration: Approximately 9-10 hours.
  • Includes: Transportation, guide, entrance fees, and a picnic lunch.
  • Cost: Prices vary, typically ranging from $250 to $400 per group, depending on the season and group size.


Price per person from 50$ ( group of 10 people)

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